Welcome to our online booking site. Due to COVID 19 our operations will look a little different. There will be more time between clients to reduce contacts. This will mean we should be running on time. You will be required to wear a mask for your session, we have some available if you forget. We will be wearing masks and gloves when required to prevent the spread of COVID 19. We will send you a weekly Covid questionnaire to update your Covid 19 status. Please contact us at 604-940-1981 to cancel your appointment if you or anyone you have been in contact with has been exposed to Covid 19. We require you to be ‘symptom free’ for a minimum of 14 days before rescheduling a visit. This does not mean 14 days after exposure but rather 14 days after symptoms are gone.

Our Remote Pathogenic office is continuing to operate remotely as usual. We now have online video conferencing for use during initial appointments.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You will be required to enter a credit card number when booking online and for all future appointments. You will still continue to pay in office after your session but if you do not show up for your appointment your credit card will be charged the full price of your visit. Reminder that you may cancel online up to 24 hours prior to your visit. After that you must contact us directly if you are unable to make your appointment. Partial charges may apply with more advance notice, full charges apply for all no show appointments as we have a very full wait list.

JANUARY 2022 - PRICE INCREASE NOTICE - Coming January there will be a small increase in fees for all of our services. Please keep this in mind as you are booking into the new year.